Abuja Travel Guide – Where To Go, Stay, Dine and Wine

Dec 7, 2010
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Abuja Aso Villa

Abuja became Nigeria’s capital city in 1993, and it’s dubbed as the fastest growing African capital city. Abuja has witnessed massive of infrastructural developments over the past 17 years and the construction works are ongoing to develop other areas of the city.


A network of gardens and relaxation parks will appeal to visitors to Abuja, not to mention the wide, well paved and marked roads. Arts related events are on the rise in the city as fashion show, music concert and others are coming up almost every weekend.
Abuja is a city with a congenial weather condition, bewitching undulating topography of hills, rocks and valleys and sparsely populated with very accommodating aboriginal ethnic group.
A trip to Abuja would not be completed without a visit to iconic edifices such as the National Mosque with its golden dome glistening in the sun. It is one of the most impressive sights to behold in Abuja!
National Ecumenical Centre is another spectacular architectural edifice that makes Abuja stands out unique. The centre which is open for the public on days other than public holidays, has striking features that represent neolithic style of work.
Also worth checking out are Wonderland Park, Millennium Park, Zuma Rock, IBB Golf Club, National Arboretum, Ladi-Kwali Pottery Centre, Aso Rock, Julie Useni Park etc.
The city is in tune with nature, abundant hills, highlands and other distinguishing features that make it a delight to behold. A scene that cannot be missed about Abuja is the coming together of the Savannah grassland of the north and the middle belt with the richness of the tropical rain forests of the south.
This marriage of nature has ensured that Nigeria capital city is endowed with fertile land for agriculture and at the same time a yearly climate that is neither too hot nor too cold.
The city has variety of world known brand hotels ranging from 5 stars to low budget accommodation. Most of the hotels are conducive and equipped with modern facilities.


Abuja is a new and growing city and visitors should expect to spot construction sites scattered all over the city. Nightlife in the city is not as vibrant as it is in Lagos owning to the fact that Abuja is still a growing city. Power supply is considerably stable but however visitors may experience brief power cut during their stay.
However, this should not have any impact on your visit to the city as most of the hotels are well-equipped with modern alternative power generating plants. Abuja is known as a peaceful city but the recent attacks in the city had brought her into limelight as well as raising the questions of security within the city.
Visitors to Abuja might spot security agencies patrolling the city to ensure security of lives and properties.
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Jabi Lake, Abuja

Jabi Lake, Abuja

Jabi Lake is a man made lake, located between Jabi and kado Districts in Abuja. It's a good place for ...
Ladi Kwali Pottery, Abuja

Ladi Kwali Pottery, Abuja

Ladi Kwali Pottery was established by a British potter of international repute for the preservation and promotion of traditional (motifs) ...
IBB International Golf And Country Club, Abuja

IBB International Golf And Country Club, Abuja

IBB International Golf and Country Club is bisected by a number of streams, ponds and lakes with about 25 bridges ...
Gurara Waterfalls, Nigeria

Gurara Waterfalls

Geographically located in Niger State on the road between Suleja and Minna, the waterfalls span 200 meters across with a ...
Millenium Park, Abuja

Millennium Park, Abuja, Nigeria

Commissioned in 2004 by Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II of England, Millennium Park is the largest public park in ...
National Christian Centre, Abuja

National Ecumenical Centre, Abuja

Also known as National Christian Centre, the National Ecumenical Centre is one of the largest Christian centres in Abuja. The ...
Abuja National Mosque

National Mosque Abuja

National Mosque Abuja was built in the 1980s and it's situated on Independence Avenue, across from the National Christian Centre ...
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Transcorp Hilton Zuma Restaurant, Abuja

Zuma Restaurant, Abuja

Zuma Restaurant is a top restaurant offering delicious Mediterranean dishes in a romantically cool setting. Located in Abuja, Zuma Restaurant ...
Transcorp Hilton Bukka Restaurant, Abuja

Bukka Restaurant, Abuja

Bukka Restaurant offers is a top restaurant where guests can enjoy some mouth-watering authentic Nigerian cuisines. Located in Abuja, Bukka ...
Jevinik Restaurant, Abuja

Jevinik Restaurant, Abuja

Jevinik Restaurant is a popular restaurant offering delicious and sumptuous authentic Nigerian cuisines in a clean and lovely environment. Located ...
Transcorp Hilton Abuja Fulani Pool Bar & Restaurant

Fulani Pool Bar and Restaurant, Abuja

Fulani Pool Bar and restaurant offers a wide range of bar, barbecue and a la carte specialities. Located in Abuja, ...
Transcorp Hilton Oriental Restaurant, Abuja

Oriental Restaurant, Abuja

Oriental Restaurant offers great Asian tastes, indoor or outdoor seating and very friendly staff. Located in Abuja, the restaurant is ...
Clubhouse Restaurant and Resort, Abuja

The Clubhouse Restaurant & Resort, Abuja

The Clubhouse Restaurant & Resort is a home away from home where guests can enjoy great atmosphere, cool ambience and ...
Vanilla Restaurant, Abuja

Vanilla Restaurant, Abuja

Vanilla Restaurant is a full service restaurant with a seating capacity of 34 people that can be expanded to accommodate ...
Elephant Bar @ Sheraton, Abuja

Elephant Bar, Sheraton Hotel, Abuja

Elephant Bar is a popular restaurant in Abuja with an extensive menu, from cocktail and mixed grill and grilled croaker ...
Papillon Restaurant @ Sheraton, Abuja

Papillon Restaurant, Abuja

Papillon Restaurant is a top quality restaurant that offers good food and wine, soft music and impeccable service. This and ...
Salamander Café, Abuja

Salamander Café, Abuja

Salamander Café is one of the coolest spots within the nation's capital city offering a healthy and unique breakfast and ...
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Sheraton Abuja Hotel

Sheraton Abuja Hotel

Sheraton Abuja Hotel is a 5-star hotel situated about 40 km from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, the International Conference ...
Casalinda Hotels, Abuja room

Casalinda Hotels & Gallery Resort, Abuja

Casalinda Hotels & Gallery Resort is an eclectic arts gallery, entertainment centre, boutique hotel, and gourmet restaurant, all rolled up ...
The Nordic Villa, Abuja

The Nordic Villa, Abuja

The Nordic Villa is a brand new private boutique villa, furnished in a modern Scandinavian style, offering four stylish guest ...
Sandralia Hotel, Abuja

Sandralia Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria

Sandralia Hotel Abuja is a high-class hotel offering a mixture of African pride, elegance and comfort. With 105 spacious, well-equipped ...
LaRopa Hotel, Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja

Laropa Hotels and Suites, Gwarinpa, Abuja

Laropa Hotels & Suites Gwarinpa, Abuja, offers affordable hotel accommodation facilities featuring well maintained and tastefully furnished rooms. Located in ...
House 9 Apartment, Abuja

House 9 Apartment, Abuja

House 9 Apartment, Abuja ranks among the high profile groups of hotels in Abuja. It is one of the best ...
House 8 Apartment, Mabushi, Abuja

House 8 Apartment, Abuja

House 8 Apartment, Abuja, offers affordable apartment accommodation facilities featuring well maintained and tastefully furnished rooms. Located at the heart ...
Nordic Residence, Abuja

Nordic Residence, Abuja

Nordic Residence is a brand new high-end boutique hotel that offers great accommodation services at affordable rates. Nordic Residence offers ...
Pauliham Hotels, Gwarinpa, Abuja

Pauliham Hotels, Gwarimpa, Abuja

Pauliham Hotels and Resort offers top quality accommodation services in a luxurious and peaceful environment. Pauliham Hotels rooms are tastefully ...
Trafford Hotel, Gwarinpa, Abuja

Trafford Hotel, Gwarinpa, Abuja

Trafford Hotel is a master piece that exudes sheer style, luxury and design that blend in with the natural splendour ...
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