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May 18, 2013
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Tunis, Tunisia

Located on the Mediterranean coast, the beautiful city of Tunis is the capital of Tunisia. The city is known by its historic heart Medina, built in the early twentieth century.
Due to its 20th century history, the country uses French and Arabic. This is very helpful as all signs/notices/menus are shown in Latin letters as well as Arabic font. An understanding of French is therefore a great advantage.

The old city

The 8th-century Arab Medina is the Tunis’s historic and symbolic heart. Here you enter a tangled maze of narrow streets with giant keyhole-shaped doors, scattering cats, artisans’ workshops and swarming souqs. All lanes, however twisted, eventually lead to the Great Mosque.
The Medina of Tunis is the historic heart of Tunis, considered as one of the best preserved Arab-Muslim cities, and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage since 1979.

The new city

The laid-back capital of Tunis also has two distinct urban-planning personalities. The new city, created by French colonials in the 19th century, is an orderly European grid, with wrought-iron balconies, cafes and patisseries bordering the boulevards.
Its main drag, palm-lined ave Habib Bourguiba, is prime territory for promenading, coffee drinking, gossiping and idly watching the passing human traffic.

Popular districts

Avenue Habib Bourguiba is the main artery of the city and it houses great monuments like France Embassy and Municipal Theatre. The animation is in full swing around cinemas, shops and cafés including Café de Paris which is one of the busiest.
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Sheraton Tunis Hotel Towers, Tunisia

Sheraton Tunis Hotel & Towers, Tunisia

Sheraton Tunis Hotel & Towers is perfectly located in the central business and diplomatic district overlooking the entire city of ...
The Residence, Gammarth, Tunis sea view room

The Residence, Gammarth, Tunis

Located along the glistening shores of the azure Mediterranean, where ancient Carthage once ruled, The Residence Tunis combines sensual elegance ...
The Le Palace Hotel, Tunis

The Le Palace Hotel, Gammarth Hill, Tunis

Le Palace Hotel is perfectly located on the hills of Gammarth hill bordering the Mediterranean Sea and overlooking the Golf ...
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Ruins of Ancient Carthage , Tunis, Tunisia

Ruins of Ancient Carthage, Tunis

Carthage is a great city of antiquity on the north coast of Africa, now a residential suburb of the city ...
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